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Known just as Spongelab - this is our latest platform technology that not only manages content but lets users search, find, organize, annotate, deploy and follow-up on the use of that content. The software is built on top or our custom deployment engine technology developed for the Spongelab Biology project.

The platform is free to use and open to all content developers. For more information contact us.

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STITCHâ„¢ is our gamified data-driven learning platform technology. It's a cloud-based learning system designed to supply "learning as a service" following SaaS and enterprise models of software delivery, but designed to be a complete service - a unique approach from traditional EdTech initiatives.

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Spongelabe Game Engines

Spongelab has created many game engines which can easily be used to accomodate any number of game types. Some Spongelab Game Engines include:

  • Build-a
  • Knowledge Mine
  • Comparatives
  • Biochem Gems Matching Games

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  • Build a Cell
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