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February Newsletter

To ease the Winter Olympic withdrawal here at Spongelab, we've decided to continue with our Olympic-themed science resources. In this month's newsletter learn about the science of snow and sports, and check out some great twitter hashtags for sport science.

Science of Snow

Did you know that the weather in Sochi can be described as subtropical with roads lined with palm trees? Even though most of the snow events were further away in the mountains, snow was a big logistical concern. Their strategies ranged from storing 710,000 cubic yards of snow from last winter under reflective blankets to keep it from melting in the summer to making snow using the latest technology.

This video captures the crystallization process of a single snowflake – it's science and art at its best.

Want to experiment? Using this glacier simulation from PhET, you can adjust mountain snowfall and temperature to see the glacier grow and shrink.

Science of Sport Round-up

There's been so many good resources on science & the Olympics, that we've rounded up more of our favourite links. If you missed our Olympic themed lesson plan, you can see it here.

Curiocity has put together all their related content on science, technology, engineering, and math behind the Winter Olympics.

The Learning Network with the New York Times put together a great list of science, math, and health teaching ideas.

This Sochi Odometer is great (don't forget to hit 'shuffle' – I'm sure there's an awesome math activity in here somewhere!

For more science, sports & technology

Two great hashtags to follow on Twitter on #PEChat and #PEGeeks – both are full of a highly engaged community of teachers from around the world.

#PEChat: Every other Monday, thousands of physical educators from around the world take part in an online Twitter chat on topics relating to #physed. For upcoming topics, and past discussion, check out: http://www.thephysicaleducator.com/pechat/

#PEgeeks: Tips and tools that help bridge the gap between physical education and technology.

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