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STITCH is a learning management system (LMS) with a set of tools we developed to solve your people problems. Its cloud-based learning system incorporates a content management system, client relationship management tool, Gamification system, and 12 integrated game engines and editors.

We use STITCH to create online training and educational programs for your staff. Gather real-time access, usage, and engagement data. Share data and content amongst members of your organization or external stakeholders. Use data to manage and drive growth in your organization. Communication. Outreach. Client relationships. Professional development and training.


Game Based Learning

Custom games and simulations for your educational and training programs using one of our integrated game engines, HTML5, or create interactive worlds in virtual and augmented reality. (VR/AR)

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Content Management

Manage and tag your educational and training resources and make them searchable by your users. Expand your existing library by accessing our open educational resources.


Online Courses

Create online lessons or training. Convert physical training materials to digital interactive media that can record data on its usage.

Live Workshops

Align online content to live events like workshops or conferences.

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Data Analysis

Collect data on activity and engagement for certain programs. View the data on your customized dashboard.


Issue points, badges or certification when learners complete certain tasks or programs. Use game based principles to keep learners motivated to complete tasks and use the system.

Platform Integration

Integrate STITCH with your existing platforms like Sales force or Word press. Enhance functionality of your current systems, or build a custom platform based on your needs.