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Spongelab Interactive is a dynamic team of scientists, educators, researchers, designers, animators and programmers. is a global science community where Spongelab, our partners and our users contribute and collaborate in the name of science education.

Jeremy Friedberg

Partner and Co-Founder

Reg Bronskill

Partner and Co-Founder

Andrea Bielecki

Partner and Co-Founder

Joseph Wilson

Director of Business and Marketing

Stephanie Lepage

Project Manager

Nicole Husain

Director of Operations

Jon Richardson

Full Stack Senior Developer

Cait Martin Newnham

Junior Project Manager

Michael Mackay


Aysen Armagan

Junior Full Stack Developer

Sandy Ludosky

Junior Developer

Dave Rowe

Designer and Junior Developer

Spongelab Interactive: Career Opportunities
Looking for a career in education technologies? Spongelab may have openings in the fields of front or back end development, software design, or art. Check here often for postings!